Emergency Repairs

We are specialized in emergency home repairs in all the domains such as electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, household appliances, carpentry, painting and similar. Our experts can handle even the most dificult problems.

Let a proffesional do the job for you!

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Handyman services

  • Painting
  • Repair
  • Assembly
  • Carpentry
  • Safety & Mobility

Smart projects

Don't let your home problems unsolved as in time they will get even worse.

Contact us now and we will make you an offer to help you on your projets.

About Us

Although our company has its headquarters in Miami, the growing demand for customers living anywhere in USA led us to expand our offering across the territory. Whether in the south or the north, we have several employees based on all the areas to best meet the different demands of emergency repairs...

It is obvious that as an overall business, our experience in the buildings gives us the ability to be able to quickly identify the fault and provide the solution. Annual maintenance is recommended to be proactive and do not offer your home as shelter to these undesirable. Remember that even if you do not see them, they are beautiful and very present in the basement, in our home pipes.

What we are good at



Many situations that pose problems especially when receiving guests. We work in a matter of urgency, so you can get on with your evening in peace.


Our technicians are committed to help you day and night. You'll never be alone because we have the solution for every problem with our team of fast and experienced plumbers.


A mass problem, a short circuit, a too low amperage, are just a few symptoms of an outdated system view improper. We will put all our expertise at your service so you can stay relaxed.


Whether to unclog toilets or even channeling several floors of a hotel, we process your request in the same way and try to satisfy your request.

Locksmith / Home Alarm

We have all the necessary equipment and all approved locks brands on the US market that meet the safety standards. We provide quick professional solutions wherever you are located.


For installation problems, change or replacement of glass windows and doors, our professional glazing are available to respond to emergency 24h/7d to all types of windows.



Why you Should choose us

We have the right skills

We guarantee on what we do and we are very good at it, our work and years of experience can confirm it. Our technicians are certified in all the domains we practice so you can stay relaxed as the job will be done exactly as it should.

Friendly and fast support

Our friendly staff is very fast in helping you finding the best solution for your needs. If there are little things that can be fixed just by giving you indications by phone its free of charge.

We love what we do

We do our job with a smile on our face as we love seeing happy clients. We are looking forward to hear from you.